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Free Support Available in Discord

If you have any questions or issues, please connect with me (runvnc) in Discord and let me help you get your web page working. This will help me quite a bit because the main way my business grows is from satisfied customers.

What is aidev.codes?

This site lets you create simple web pages with custom content and functionality generated by AI. It integrates the ChatGPT and Stability.ai APIs to facilitate that.

You can also enable text-to-speech (Eleven Labs API) and optionally use Chrome speech-to-text so you can build your page just using a verbal conversation.

Note that everything is very "beta" at this stage. For example, the text-to-speech can sometimes take a long time to generate the next response, or overlap a previous response.

Is there a tutorial?

The basic idea is something like:

  • User: Hello, I would like a web page for [ ]
  • AI: No problem, can you tell me about [ ] for [ ]?
  • User: Yes, its for [ ] and the phone number is [ ]. Please generate some photos of [ ].
  • AI: ( Images generate )
  • User: Ok, please make that into a web page and include the images as well as some marketing copy.
  • AI: ( Outputting files ). OK, your HTML page is ready.
  • User: Great! Can you add a pricing calculator? Product A is $XXXX, B $XXX and C is either $XX or $XX depending on whether they select Normal or Super
  • AI: ( Outputting revised HTML and JavaScript )
  • User: OK, this looks great. Thanks.

Any other examples?

Demo: building a painting website with text-to-speech:

What kinds of things can aidev.codes do that ChatGPT can't?

aidev.codes will automatically save HTML, JavaScript and other files for you, and they are instantly hosted on the web.

You can also ask aidev.codes to generate photos or other types of images and integrate them into the page. It will write a prompt for Stable Diffusion to create the images.

The Publish button allows you to immediately host a page on [yoursite].padhub.xyz. The price is 100 credits per month.

You can also have a spoken conversation with aidev.codes

What types of sites work best?

Its best to aim for simple static single page sites that are self contained and use basic JavaScript. Libraries or external files need to be loaded from a CDN.

What types of things won't work?

Anything like React or Python that requires a back end. This is currently static hosting only. So it can't run something like a bundler necessary for React, or run arbitrary backend scripts.

AI-administered virtual servers or containers are planned for the future. This should allow for most types of web applications when it is available.

Of course, you can have it generate any type of source code or other files you want. It may be convenient for them to be saved and readily downloadable. But that's not the primary use case.

How much does this cost?

100 credits are approximately equal to 1 USD. Prices for text, image and speech generation are based on usage and depend on the underlying service usage costs.

Is this equivalent to a human programmer? (NO)

I bought $10 worth of credits but the program generated didn't work. Can I have a refund?

Please do not buy large amounts of credits without learning about how it works and testing the limitations!

You can buy increments of $1 in credits.

Will you host content related to [_________]?

If you have to ask, then the answer is probably "no".

We reserve the right to remove content or accounts that we don't want to host.