AI Dev Codes For You

Create simple but fully custom and interactive web pages just by chatting with AI.

▪ Uses OpenAI's advanced ChatGPT text generation model.

▪ Automatically generates appropriate images with stable diffusion if requested.

▪ Optional voice interface with leading-edge realistic text-to-speech.

▪ Free hosting at user paths, or custom subdomain at for $1/month.



Great for quickly and easily creating:

  • ▫ Mock-ups for discussion.
  • ▫ Prompts and images with Stable Diffusion.
  • ▫ Internal or one-off tools that need some basic custom code.
  • ▫ Utility or informational pages.
  • ▫ Illustrated creative writing experiments.
  • ▫ Finished sites (with some persistence and prompt engineering, and maybe a link to an external stylesheet).

Templating to help with generating more attractive pages coming soon.


Lemonade Stand

  • Please create a simple order entry and total calculator for a lemonade stand. Lemonade is $1 and grape juice is $1.25. add an image of lemons and grapes at the top and make the buttons large and colorful.
  • (Files output). The website can be accessed at ...
  • it shows NaN for the total. maybe need to convert to numbers
  • (Files output)
  • thanks its working now. please add a button “Next Order” that will save the line items of the order at the bottom of the screen and add to the Total Sales as well as clear the total at the top for a new order
  • (Files output)

Dungeons & Dragons Character

  • Please create a page for a Dungeons & Dragons character. He is a 6th level Paladin named Eldan the Wise. Include some core stats and write a compelling 1500-word backstory. Include an image of the character on the side in the style of Jeff Easley using a detailed description. Also add "HD, trending on Artstation" to the end of the description.
  • (Files output)

    “Eldan the Wise is depicted in the style of Jeff Easley, a famous Dungeons & Dragons artist known for his dynamic and detailed character illustrations. In the image, Eldan stands tall and proud, his sword and shield at the ready. He wears shining plate armor adorned with the symbols of his faith, and his long blonde hair flows behind him in the wind. The background is a dramatic landscape, with craggy mountains and stormy skies. The camera angle is slightly from below, emphasizing Eldan’s heroic stature.”
  • great. please do not generate any more images. leave the one we have its good. let’s try to improve the formatting of the web page. maybe use a medieval or D&D style font? and any other formatting improvements you can think of. also include a list of Eldan’s spells and inventory.
  • (Files output)

Frog Images

  • Output two images of frogs. Use detailed descriptions.

  • A close-up image of a green tree frog sitting on a lily pad in a pond. The frog has bright green skin with black spots and its eyes are large and golden. The lily pad is floating on the surface of the water, which is calm and reflects the blue sky above. The image is taken from a low angle, giving a sense of the frog's size and the vastness of the pond.

  • An artistic image of a red-eyed tree frog perched on a branch in a rainforest. The frog is bright green with blue and yellow stripes on its legs and arms. Its eyes are large and bright red, and it appears to be looking directly at the camera. The background is blurred, creating a sense of depth and focus on the frog. The lighting is soft and diffused, highlighting the frog's vibrant colors.

Birds of South Texas

  • Can you create a site about common birds in South Texas?
  • (Files output)
  • Great, can you add all of the bird images to the page and make it more modern and responsive?
  • (Files output)

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